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We put the WOD up daily on our Instagram feed. Be sure to turn on notifications so you don't miss out on the WOD or any of our other shenanigans!


Friday 'choose your own adventure' WOD is here again. As a guide you can choose between: - Complete a missed workout from this week (or a previous week) - An hour of open gym time - EMOM conditioning - Strength work We'll have some ideas written on the board for you 😀

Friday 'choose ...

In Pairs, AMRAP 15 minutes Partner A: Run 200m Partner B: Front Squat - Rest 5 minutes - Max reps squat clean in 10 minutes Partner A: Run 800m Partner B: Squat Clean * each athlete will run once. Any time that is remaining will be spent accumulating squat clean reps in a 'you go, I go' format.

In Pairs, AMRAP...

Well, I’ve got some interim winners for week 2... there’s still a few days to get your name on the board for this weeks challenge. This week, both Emma and Stephen Nash have been to all 6 types of session we offer at Verve. Of more notable mention is there attendance at sessions they don’t normally attend.... yoga and mVmntVFL. Well done guys, both of you have earned yourself a 60min massage on us. Hopefully you guys enjoyed some of our different offerings, and can find somewhere to work them into your busy schedule. Keep at it guys, there will be more winners announced Monday, and the biggest opportunity to win comes from those that can get to Pilates and mVmnt. 2 awesome programs to compliment your training or yoga practice, there’s some of you very close to taking home a prize. Don’t forget to check into class as I won’t be able to award prizes if you’re not checked into class Keep at it Verviers, we still have 2 weeks of the month to go!!

Well, I’ve got ...

Tomorrow's WOD will see you work off the clock for 25 minutes - spending 1 minute on each exercise with a 15 second transition in between. You'll complete 5 rounds and score the total reps of each exercise.

Tomorrow's WOD ...

This will be the one and only time you get a personal reminder to submit your open scores before the deadline @ayeceye @carlz.f @cazzygraham @_birlo_ @emookao @malaahirosedavis In all fairness, Cazzy G hasn’t decided if she will register this year 😉

This will be th...

Tomorrow we're doing a 15 min AMRAP of 200m run and an increasing ladder of burpee over box. We finish off with 15 minutes to find a heavy triple of hang power clean. See you in the gym!

Tomorrow we're ...

Tomorrow's WOD consists of 2 parts. Part A: EMOM for 12 minutes. 5x Deadlift. Building load (as quality allows). Part B: 6 rounds for time. Your gymnastics movement will be either a bear crawl, wall climb, or handstand walk.

Tomorrow's WOD ...

Info about how Saturday mornings will run in our saved live feed. Remember to book your preferred session in Mindbodyonline. Can’t wait to throw down with you all tomorrow. Get some rest tonight!!

Info about how ...

Heads up for tomorrows WOD team... For the next 5 weeks while the Open is on, Friday's WOD will be a 'choose your own adventure' workout. We'll present you with 3-4 options and you can pick your poison. Whether you are participating in the open or not, there will be something great for you in class. Don't forget, for the next 5 weeks the only session on Friday afternoon is at 5pm. See you tomorrow

Heads up for to...