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❤️❤️WIFEY WEDNESDAY HACK ❤️❤️What the hell is CCFT-Level 3??? The Certified CrossFit Trainer L3 exam is the third evolution in the possible four major certifications run by CrossFit, with the 4th level currently reserved for seminar staff only. 160 questions, 4 hours, 80% pass mark covering the entirety of all the courses that CrossFit covers as well as lectures and journal articles that they have produced or recognise. Last week, I heard about metabolic diseases, kettle bells, gymnastics, anatomy, scaling, powerlifting & blood markers, just to name a very small few. CrossFit state that the best way to prepare for the L3 is years of coaching. & that he did. Over the past many years, I have seem Nath proactively and aggressively seeking to learn and improve his knowledge base as well as his practical coaching skills. He said the exam was tough. There are no practice papers or example questions, no set syllabus, but rather a rough outline of the potential endless topics & everything is self-taught. Seemed harsh to me but they are obviously screening for serious coaches. Passing this exam finds those coaches who are truly dedicated to their craft and who, without being lead or forced, have actively been honing their skills and learning as much as they physically can. There are only 5 of these coaches in NSW. If we met them all, we would recognise they are proactive, humble, thirsty for knowledge and self-improvement, they genuinely care about providing the best service to their athletes, are committed to the journey, and want to take it as far as they can go. 1 of these 5 coaches is now Nath. What shines is his true dedication and motivation to being the best coach he can be with the realisation that he will never stop learning and graciously strive to be better everyday. Give him a hug peeps. He’s an amazing human, & he’s ours 😉 #uberproudwifey #uberluckyathletes #uberluckycoaches #lookoutccfclevel4 #somuchsweetpotato


Tomorrows work on the pistol squat is about tying together the 3 sessions we have done over the last 3 weeks and taking that into some volume work the workout. Power Clean weight is 60% for the first two rounds, then 70% for two rounds, then 80% for the last two rounds.

Tomorrows work ...

Tomorrow we honor 12 soldiers and 1 civilian who were killed in 2009, in Texas, by a fellow soldier. They called Lumberjack CrossFit home, and this Hero WOD is for them.

Tomorrow we hon...

Hooray 🎉 😎😁

Hooray 🎉 😎😁...

Tomorrow we practice really really hard work 😀

Tomorrow we pra...

When you get to share Fran and Diane with a friend it means you have to go HEAVY. Find a friend and get to work - you can divide the reps as you wish 👯‍♀️

When you get to...

CrossFit VFL 2.0 is turning 1! Come and celebrate with us FRIDAY 24th AUGUST from 5PM. We’ll have an epic workout followed by food and drinks and the usual VFL shenanigans. We’ll provide the snags, please bring a side plate to share and any booze you want to drink. 🍻🍾 Please note all other CrossFit sessions for Friday 24th August will not run, we would love to see you all at the party instead. Jump online to book your place in the special one off session. #crossfitvfl #birthdayshenanigans #dontmissout All 📷 @erinbrooksphotographer

CrossFit VFL 2....