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Hope everyone’s hands aren’t in too terrible shape after today’s gymnastics 😬 See you bright and early!! 💪🏼 #CFVFLdailyWOD

Hope everyone’s...

HUMP DAY! Definitely on the downhill slide to Australia Day with this short week. Everyone brought their A-game today for competition day. Well done in this hot heat 🔥 Tomorrow’s effort is all about perfect position and linking those gymnastics reps. If you’re feeling smoked after today, respect that, and come and practice your skills tomorrow with less pressure on yourself. #CFVFLdailyWOD

HUMP DAY! Defi...

P E R F E C T I O N With an ever increasing focus on the perfect Insta-world lots of us live vicariously though, you’d be forgiven for always having a picture of this “perfect” end point to be working towards. Better body, bigger lifts, more money, better holidays.... Instant gratification is a way many of us have lived our lives - we are lucky to live in a time and place that allows us to do so much and have so much. In relatively short periods of time, we can have and do things that took previous generations much much longer. On the flip side however, this instant gratification can lead to dissatisfaction when we don’t achieve our desires when we think we should.... Instead of quitting, you must take a look at the progress that you have made from where you started - and if no progress has been made, try to stop blaming external sources and focus inward and ask yourself the hard questions... have I really put in the work to get what I desire? Has my consistency been up to scratch? Any successful person will tell you that it’s consistent, focussed effort day after day that moves the needle... there is no magic pill. So is the problem in the goals, or is the problem in not understanding what it takes to improve...? Perhaps we need to adjust our goals. Perhaps we need to stop aspiring for the perfect ending, and instead focusing on each day being better than the last. Maybe that’s the secret sauce. ✌🏼 #theCFVFLway #simonsinek #CrossFit

P E R F E C T I...

Alright... our only competition day this week apart from the HERO WOD on Saturday.... same time domain as today and similar work:rest ratios... let’s see which one you prefer... we push a little deeper into the lactate training with 7min rounds. Prepare to select loads that can be increased as you move through the AMRAPS. #CFVFLdailyWOD

Alright... our ...

Welcome to Week 10 if the current cycle. Short week for a lot of us this week with Australia Day on Friday (which means Saturday too for some 🍻🇦🇺). Remember VFL is shut on Friday. So give it all you’ve got this week - competition day is Tuesday with some solid practice days on the other days. Intensity can remain high if your mechanics are in check and your consistency has been good lately. We are aiming for 3-4 rounds in the 26 min cap - what do you need to do to make sure you can reach that...? #CFVFLdailyWOD

Welcome to Week...

The team has its first members!!! 👏🏼👏🏼 Time to step up! Register at

The team has it...

MISSING... one long haired lass who likes unbroken high volume high percentage Olympic lifting.... and HSPUs. If anyone has seen @claireemilyhardy please return her promptly to CFVFL 🙃 On another note, the workout tomorrow is gonna be fun!!! #CFVFLdailyWOD

MISSING... one ...

SOUND ON 🔊 This is what the open does to people... well done @carlz.f FIRST BAR MUSCLE UP. Your hard work and consistent attention to detail has paid off 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Register for the open on #theCFVFLway

SOUND ON 🔊 Thi...

And so our open preparation continues. We will be completing this workout in athlete/judge format tomorrow. Open registration is live now on the games website if you’d like to get a jump on it... 😉 Plenty of options for those more advanced gymnastics movements in this one. #CFVFLdailyWOD

And so our open...