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We put the WOD up daily on our Instagram feed. Be sure to turn on notifications so you don't miss out on the WOD or any of our other shenanigans!


Big strength day tomorrow with The CrossFit Total coming your way. The CrossFit Total is the sum of the best of three attempts at the squat, the press, and the deadlift, the three most effective lifts in existence for developing and testing functional strength. We will run tomorrow a little differently - you won't be limited to 3 attempts per lift, but we will use 15 minutes per lift as a guide and it will be up to you how you use that time.

Big strength da...

We hope you enjoyed your first taste back on the rowers today! Tomorrow we'll ask more of you both in distance and intensity! In part [B], choose a wall ball weight that you could go unbroken for 30 reps. If you finish the 120 reps prior to the 6 minute mark then you've scored some rest. If not, you'll power right on through starting with 40 KBS at the 6 minute mark.

We hope you enj...

Shout out to all the Vervies competing in the open this year!! We have LESS THAN ONE WEEK until GO TIME and we can't wait! A couple of things we want to touch base on. ⭐️Friday Night Lights - arrive from 4:30pm for a 5pm brief on the workout, strategy and judging standards. Put your name down in a heat when you first arrive (first in best dressed). Bonus points up for grabs for athletes competing in the first two heats. First heat kicks by 5:30pm - we keep going until everyone is done. ⭐️If you can't make it to Friday Night Lights or wish to re-do the workout we have two options - Saturday 9am or Monday 6:30pm. BOOKINGS ARE ESSENTIAL. Speak to a coach if you need a time outside of those allocated, YOU MUST BRING YOUR OWN JUDGE. ⭐️Week one theme is TEAM COLOURS! Give it your all for a chance at the bonus 5 points for best dressed! 💃🕺 🌹🔷📒🍏

Shout out to al...

Happy Open Week... do you remember how to 🚣‍♀️!?! Tomorrow’s workout will have a very ‘Open’ feel to it so get ready!

Happy Open Week...

And just like that, it’s our favourite time of year - Open week!! The Open starts this Friday, so, if you haven't registered & are still thinking about it, head on over to - we’d love you to be part of it. The Open, more than anything is about fun, camaraderie, & supporting one another as we push the envelope on our fitness. Join us & your community in all of the excitement of Friday Night Lights. Moving on to the week ahead - the first week of The Open 2019 Gap Cycle. What is in store over the next few days?? Well, Monday & Tuesday we are celebrating the return of the rower!!! Get ready to kick things off on Monday with a WOD that is high in intensity & will require you to choose options that allow for you to move FAST! Intrigued? Keep an eye out for the WOD release tonight - it’s going to be fun & will undoubtedly leave you laying in a pool of your own sweat #openready 😉 Tuesday, we continue with the rower but this time, we time trial…can you guess the distance?? You will need good technique & strategy to get you to the very end with a good time! Then, we finish the session with a short, high volume WOD with movements you are all VERY familiar with. You will need to move well & continuously to get this completed within in the time cap. Mid week, you will have the opportunity to find 3 new 1RMs in the workout ‘CrossFit Total’. Happy lifting 🏋️‍♀️ Towards the end of the week we back off the intensity & the volume in preparation for 19.1. As we won’t know what the first open workout will be until the Live Announcement Friday lunch time, Thursday & Fridays workouts have been programmed to suit. Fear not, you will still get a good workout in!! Due to the fact that most of you are participating in the open, the only Friday morning classes scheduled will be 6am & 9:30am. Please note, this is only for the next 5 weeks! See you through the week! & don’t forget - Week 1 of Friday Night Lights theme is TEAM COLOURS, so get creative. 💙💛💚❤️

And just like t...

Happy weekend team! You all did fantastic during re-test week. Whether you improved or not, we are proud of you for showing up and giving it your best. Come and hit this workout with us tomorrow before we get stuck into The Open!!!

Happy weekend t...

NICOLE. If you worked hard and consistently on your pull ups over the past 12 weeks, we hope you will notice a difference in this workout in terms of set size, or total numbers or even just how much better your pull ups feel. We are so keen to see you have another go at this workout tomorrow!

NICOLE. If you...

Wanna look as good as these rigs? Well, if you missed the first budgys order, we are putting a small order in next week. Tops come in 2 widths (narrow and wide) and can be ordered on their own or with bottoms. Boys you can also order a top if you like 💁🏼‍♂️ You saw how good they look in action on the beach last weekend at tribal clash!!! Orders and payments to Nath or #happysmuggling

Wanna look as g...

Throwback to last years #openprep when we be trying to be professional and make a serious vid and couldn’t. #tbt #blooperreel #haveyouregistered #getonit #Repost @crossfitvfl with @get_repost ・・・ #blooperreel as promised. Bloopers by The Cap’ @nathwalshe giggles by @erinbrooksphotographer 🤭 Can’t say we don’t have fun 🤣

Throwback to la...