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Happy friday! Don't forget, all classes are running down at Verve tomorrow and Saturday due to the poor air quality. Because of this there are a couple of changes so double check mind body and be sure to book into class so we know how many to expect!

Happy friday! D...

Before we get down and dirty with three glycolytic efforts, we're going to spend some time introducing you to the box squat. They are great for many reasons, particularly due to the way they decrease load through the knees and increase activity through the hamstrings and glutes. Your conditioning tomorrow is straight forward: - AMRAP 3 minutes wall ball - AMRAP 3 minutes bar facing burpee - AMRAP 3 minutes devil press * rest 7 minutes between each.

Before we get d...

If you want to read up on the clean pulls that we're working tomorrow just head to this link,speed%20in%20the%20final%20extension Following up from that are some 1" deficit deadlifts. Then, β€œHelen” 3 rounds for time: 400m Run 21x KBS 24kg/16kg 12x Pull Ups

If you want to ...

Think about those times you haven't been able to stand up that heavy squat clean - tomorrows front squats are designed with that very thing in mind. Then we spend some time working on single skips or double unders followed by box jump overs in a 90 second interval. The brief is to choose a rep range you know you can complete for 6 intervals.

Think about tho...

Happy summer, happy christmas month!! Welcome to week 2. Tomorrow you'll work in teams of 4, for time and max reps rope climb,T2B and HSPU. No matter how busy you are, how hungover you feel, or how much food you have eaten, just keep showing up to the gym as often as possible this month. It may not be the best exercise you've ever done, but you'll never regret showing up and working out! See you tomorrow friends πŸ˜€

Happy summer, h...

Some olympic lifting to kick off your weekend followed by a short but sweet firefighter hero WOD, dedicated to Peter Nelson, FDNY, Rescue 4, who was killed on September 11, 2001. The box jumps and wall balls are high and the cap is 12 minutes. This means you have 3 minutes a round (and if you stay on 14 reps a minute you'll get it done). We're looking forward to hitting this one with you guys tomorrow πŸ˜€

Some olympic li...

The first half of tomorrow's session will be spent working on strengthening your static holds and shapes through box/ring dips, tucks/v-snaps and ring row/strict pull ups. The 16 minute AMRAP is split into two parts. First, a 12 min AMRAP of skipping, goblet squats and pull ups/bar muscle ups where we want you to choose options that you can push at a fast pace and hold on for several rounds. At the 12 minute mark, you'll have 4 minutes to complete max reps (m) handstand walk/bear crawl/wall climb. See you tomorrow team!

The first half ...

Tempo back squats and pause clean drills. This block is all about getting πŸ˜€πŸ’ͺπŸ½πŸ‘

Tempo back squa...

There are 2 workouts to complete, each have a 12 minute cap. [A] In pairs, go round for round until 5 rounds each have been completed: 12/9 cal Row 12x Shoulder to Overhead [B] In pairs, complete 4 rounds for time: 12x Sandbag over shoulder (rep for rep) 24x HSPU - one athlete working at a time, break up reps as desired. Find a friend and enjoy!!!!!

There are 2 wor...