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The thruster is light and FAST!! You can use a DB, KB, plate, med ball, Bar (you choose!) if you’re doing a single arm thruster, you’ll change sides at the 30 sec mark. The Bulgarian split squat can be loaded or bodyweight, and the plate push is fast (lay on your back and bench press with a plate).

The thruster is...

DB FYI!!! Please listen 😊

DB FYI!!! Pleas...

Run should take between 4-6 minutes so set your distance according. Pace is hard-very hard and you’ll try to match that time in your second run. Bit of pulling and midline strength in the middle and that’s a solid session! See you tomorrow vervie zoomers 😘

Run should take...

The snatch is done alternating arms each rep, the single arm push press is done as 10 on one side followed by 10 on the other side. You have 3 levels of difficulty for the tuck hold. 1. Lay on the ground and tuck into as tight of a ball as possible. 2. Sit on your tailbone and tuck into as tight of a ball as possible. 3. Put your hands on a box/bench and support your whole body weight as you hold your knees to your chest.

The snatch is d...

Listen for an update on equipment loans!!!

Listen for an u...

Aerobic conditioning for your Saturday. You choose your run distance based on how much running you want to do (also dependant on your surrounding area). This workout doesn’t stop at 35 burpees (hence the ...), get as far through as you can in 32 mins. Non runners take a power walk, 20-40 step ups if you have a safe space for them, or a 10-20 laps of a 10m shuttle walk/jog in your backyard. Sub push ups for burpees. See you bright and early on zoom 😘

Aerobic conditi...

Tomorrow’s WOD... see stories for scaling and more info 😁

Tomorrow’s WOD....

Constantly working on ways that we can make this better for you. Here’s today’s upgrade!

Constantly work...

Well this digital platform is certainly testing our verbal coaching skills! Learning to use visual cues in a whole different context and tactile cues are next weeks problem 😂😂 Thankful to live in an age where we have a chance to continue to provide to our community... while the internet still works 😬😬 PS loving @dianne.wakefield9 joining us from the Golden Gate Bridge this morning 😉

Well this digit...